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Dr. Heather J. Chalmers

Heather Chalmers

"As a veterinary clinical researcher, I advance understanding and diagnostic capability in equine upper airway diseases, both for the benefit of veterinary medicine and as a model of human disease. My long term vision is to advance the use of ultrasound as a non-invasive marker of muscle atrophy in veterinary and human disease. Towards this goal, my current project, which forms part of my PhD thesis, is aimed at detecting roaring in horses prior to the onset of clinical disease."

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Education: BSc (Hons) and DVM Univeristy of Guelph

Residency: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Specialty: American College of Veterinary Radiology


Significant research accomplishments:

  • Originated the equine laryngeal ultrasound technique, which has found broad clinical application in equine hospitals throughout North America and around the world.
  • Discovered a conformational difference in horses with dorsal displacement of the soft palate (DDSP). This was the first report that successfully differentiated affected horses from unaffected horses at rest and has led to advanced understanding of the pathogenesis of DDSP in addition to ameliorating the diagnostic process for DDSP.
  • Proved the efficacy of a tongue tie in favourably altering laryngo-hyoid conformation in horses, providing the first ever evidence that this commonly applied and controversial piece of racing tack may positively contribute to upper airway stability.

Degrees: BSc, DVM, Dipl. ACVR

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Studies, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

Original research papers: (*indicates primary investigator)

1. Chalmers HJ, Dykes NL, Lust G, Farese J, Burton-Wurster NI, Williams AJ, Todhunter RJ*. Assessment of bone mineral density of the femoral head in dogs with early osteoarthritis. American Journal of Veterinary Research, 2006;67(5).

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7. Rioja E, McDonell WN, Kerr CL*, Dobson H, Konyer NB, Poma R, Chalmers HJ, Noseworthy MD. Effects of hypercapnia, hypocamnia, and hyperoxemia on brain morphometrics determined by use of MRI in isofluorane anesthetized dogs. American Journal of Veterinary Research 2010; 71(9);1011-1018.

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13. Chalmers HJ*, Farberman A, Allossery A, Viel L. Use of a tongue tie alters laryngo-hyoid position in the standing horses. Equine Veterinary Journal, accepted for publication, June 2012.

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