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Fuelling Wellness Symposium was a HitDecember 2020

"Part one of a three-part video series” on digestion from Equine Guelph now available!

Story by: Jackie Bellamy Zions

Equine and pet nutrition enthusiasts came together on August 15th, 2020 to learn more about nutrition topics from experts around the world at the virtual Fuelling Wellness Symposium, co-hosted by Equine Guelph and the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Nutrition.

The event was a great success and provided attendants with practical information related to the nutritional needs of each species.

Thanks to sponsor Trouw Nutrition Canada, Equine Guelph was able to create a series of videos giving participants a “Journey Through the Horse’s Digestive Tract.” Part one is now posted!

Equine Guelph presented on the horse’s digestive system at the Fuelling Wellness Symposium on August 15th, 2020. Missed the Symposium? Don’t worry! You can still catch Equine Guelph’s “Journey Through the Horse’s Digestive Tract” as a 3-part video series that will be released in Equine Guelph’s monthly communications in October, November and December. Sign up here:

The talks on equine nutrition subjects were engaging and delivered many real-world tips to take back to the stable. Dr. Wendy Pearson provided great information related to the hindgut microbiome and tools for equine assessment, like body condition scoring and cresty neck scoring. Dr. Paul Sharpe, who is also an upcoming guest speaker in Equine Guelph’s Equine Nutrition course, presented a meticulous talk on evaluating horse hay that was packed with helpful information and pictures. Kayla Johnson, Donkey Welfare and Education Manager at the Donkey Sanctuary, gave a fantastic and insightful talk on the assessment and nutrition of our other equine friends – the donkeys.

Equine Guelph was delighted to co-host the Symposium and deliver a presentation on the horse’s digestive system. The presentation was originally planned to be an in-person experience that featured Equine Guelph’s interactive, life-size model of the horse’s digestive system. The model was developed by Equine Guelph’s Director, Gayle Ecker, and gives people a chance to see what the organs in a horse’s digestive system really look like – without the need for an actual dissection. Plans quickly had to change when the current state of affairs meant that the conference would become a virtual event. Cue Trouw Nutrition Canada to the rescue. The organization generously stepped up to the plate and made it possible to create a series of videos that would take viewers on a “Journey Through the Horse’s Digestive Tract”.

Nutrition enthusiasts who were unable to attend the Symposium are in luck as the “Journey Through the Horse’s Digestive Tract” videos will be released as a 3-part series in Equine Guelph’s monthly communications in October, November and December. The videos feature Gayle Ecker and a new rising standardbred star (is there anything those standardbreds can’t do?!) named Jack. Make sure to tune in as we learn what the horse’s digestive system looks like, just how big it actually is, what makes it unique and how nutrition and management strategies can keep it healthy and happy! Part one is posted for you to view! Editor’s Note: The videos are worth watching just to catch a glimpse of Jack’s cascading Fabio-like forelock.

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