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[ALERT] COVID-19 - Caring for your horse during a pandemicMarch 2020


The situation that we are currently facing world-wide not only impacts people but also our horses (and other animals) in our care.

washing handsMake sure that you have stocked up on extra supplies, medications, forage/feed and other necessities for all your animals. Check with your essential needs providers (i.e., feed stores) to see if they are open and if they have methods of providing you with your needs (i.e., ordering online or by phone, putting your order outside the door of the store as you arrive or other alternatives).

- It is also important that you write out the care instructions for your    animals.
- In the event of illness or injury, you have a plan for caring for your    animals so that someone else can step in and help.

checklistContact your friends and acquaintances (virtually) to ensure they are okay and have things in place and enough food, particularly those that are living alone and those that may not have a support system. Friends, families or neighbours can help arrange to bring in food and leave at their gates/steps for those that are in home isolation or assist those who are caring for animals.

Download this resource provided by Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN)

More COVID-19 Updates & Resources from Government, health organizations, infectious disease experts and the equine industry.

It is a time to help support each other, and the care of our animals is part of that,

Take care everyone.
Equine Guelph