Horse Behaviour and Safety Facilitator Kit

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1. Workshop Details

Who should lead this workshop?


The workshop can be a business opportunity for leaders, with a fee attached, or offered free of charge to participants.

Equine Guelph recommends that workshop facilitators are qualified industry leaders such as: representatives from Equine Canada and provincial associations, farm safety associations, horse industry associations, employers (both racing and non-racing stables), Equine Canada certified coaches, boarding/lesson facility operators and 4-H/Pony Club leaders.

Equine Guelph recommends that workshop leaders complete the Horse Behaviour & Safety eWorkshop. The content provided on this website is for informational purposes only and Equine Guelph accepts no liability or responsibility for its outcomes.

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'Learn Horsemanship through Understanding Behaviour' Workshop

Who should attend this workshop?


This one day workshop is designed for horse people (ages 16+) who would like to learn more about the best practices for handling horses safely. This workshop is ideal for those new to horses including; new owners, new riders, mounted police units and first responders.


Goal of this workshop


To provide practical training in horse behaviour, handling and safety to young adult and adult horse caregivers (especially those new to horses). The goal is not to simply teach safety measures to participants, but to give insight into the psyche of horses – how they see and hear and why they behave a certain way.

Once participants have a firm understanding of horse behaviour, teaching the safety aspect will fall into place naturally and make more sense. This teaching strategy, combined with using actual horses as part of the knowledge transfer method, will result in retention and changed behaviour.



Please Note: Even people who are experienced with horses can be injured by them. When participating in activities that require close contact with horses we suggest you use great care and if you are unfamiliar with horses we recommend you work closely with someone who is an experienced and safe horse handler.


Donations appreciated


As all of the training resources are available free of charge, Equine Guelph asks that you consider making a donation as well as including our Education Flyer (SEE BELOW) in your workshop packages to help us deliver more award-winning education programs that will help horses and their care givers.


Comments or questions about the Horse Behaviour and Safety Workshop Kit?


Please contact Susan Raymond

  Please contact us if you are holding a workshop  

Please let us know if you are holding a workshop and we will add your event to our "events" webpage.

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2. Kit Details


Workshop Resources:

Setting up your workshop (pdf)

Certificate of completion (pdf)

Workshop evaluation (pdf)

Equine Guelph Education Courses -


Workshop Content:


1. Introduction and The Horse in the Wild

– A Herd and Flight Animal

introduction & horse in the wild slide presentation (pdf)

teaching notes (pdf)


2. The Modern Day Horse

modern day horse slide presentation (pdf)

teaching notes (pdf)


3. How Horses See and Hear

see & hear slide presentation (pdf)

teaching notes (pdf)


4. Horse Behaviour

behaviour slide presentation (pdf)

teaching notes (pdf)

learn to speak horse handout (pdf)


5. Horse Handling/Approaching a Horse

activity (pdf)

handout (pdf)

horse handling slides (pdf)

teaching notes (pdf)


6. Rider/Helmet Safety

activity (pdf)

handout (pdf)


7. Safe Trailer Loading

trailer safety infosheet (pdf)


8. Safety around the Barn and Paddocks

activity (pdf)

horse farm safety checklist (handout) (pdf)


9. Fire Safety

activity (pdf)

fire safety slide presentation (pdf)

teaching notes (pdf)

fire safety checklist (handout) (pdf)

Equine Guelph thanks Michelle Staples for providing and reviewing content.
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