12-Week Online Courses

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Take one course or all 20! Whether you’re working towards completion of a certificate or diploma program or simply interested in taking a course that speaks to you, Equine Guelph in partnership with the Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support at the University of Guelph, offers a comprehensive course of online study for the horse enthusiast and owner. The courses, which are 12 weeks in length, are offered three times a year: September, January and May. Enjoy flexibility and go online anytime, but expect to invest about 10 – 14 hours of time each week.

The online courses offer you an opportunity to explore the latest equine research and learn to apply it in a practical way to improve the health and welfare of the horses in your care. Sessions are facilitated by leading researchers and practitioners in the equine industry. You will meet and interact with students from across the world as you become part of a community who has a love of horses and a wide range of experience to share.

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Equine Science Certificate

barn   Management of the Equine Environment  
Learn how to set up and manage a safe and environmentally responsible horse housing establishment.
horse with owner   Equine Health and Disease Prevention  
Learn about pro-active steps you can take with your horses and their environment to prevent illness.
horse at sunset   Equine Functional Anatomy  
Gain an appreciation of the functional anatomy of the athletic equine running machine.
horse head   Equine Nutrition  
Enhance the overall health and performance of your horse through improved nutrition.
two horses   Equine Behaviour  
Enhance the welfare of horses in your care by adapting their environment and handling to complement their behaviour.
horse exercising   Equine Exercise Physiology  
Gain insight into equine body systems, functions and how to strengthen your equine athlete.
horse genetics graphic   Equine Genetics  
Understand various genetic considerations including colour, medical and performance traits affecting breeding programs.
mare and foal   Management of Broodmare, Stallion and Foal  
The breeding to birth cycle of the life of the horse is covered to gain valuable insight on preventing problems and maintaining the health of the "equine family." This will be a valuable course for those involved in breeding horses, whether it is your own mare or you are helping in a broodmare establishment.
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Certificate in Equine Business Management

sign on tree   Equine Business Finance and Risk Management  
Examine the basic principles of financial management and study common risk and liability issues unique to running your equine enterprise.
horse at computer   Equine Business Management  
Develop the planning and management skills to make good business decisions when you ‘turn your passion into a business’.
event ribbons   Equine Event Management  
Learn event management principles and develop the skills to plan, initiate, host and evaluate a successful event in the equine industry
horse image on a tablet   Equine Journalism  
With over 130 horse magazines published throughout North America, discover how to create quality work for this niche market.
horse at trade show   Marketing and Communication in the Equine Industry  
Develop a comprehensive marketing and communications plan for your equine business. Learn to set objectives, select marketing strategies and communicate to your customers.
mare and foal sculpture   The Equine Industry  
Read, discuss and reflect on important issues which have, or continue to have a profound impact on the industry today and in the future.
two riders on a path   Stewardship of the Equine Environment  
Reduce your environmental hoofprint. Explore the importance of properly managing the natural environment and man-made facilities to optimize the health of your horses.
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Equine Welfare Certificate

horses group in a field   Equine Welfare  
Read, discuss and reflect on important issues which have, or continue to have a profound impact on the industry today and in the future.
horses on a mountain path   Global Perspectives in Equine Welfare  
Explore equine practices on an international level.
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Advanced Courses

horse and rider   Advanced Equine Behaviour  
Take an in-depth look at the behaviour research process as you learn to apply evidence-based knowledge to improve the welfare of the horse. You will gain a thorough understanding of abnormal behaviour and the management decisions which contribute to them.
drawing showing the horses organs   Advanced Equine Functional Anatomy  
Dig deeper and learn advanced issues in equine anatomy. You will be exploring current research and evidence based practice. You will have an opportunity to focus on areas which interest you.
horse in pasture   Advanced Equine Health Through Nutrition  
This advanced course recognizes that feeding decisions can be complex and the advances in nutritional research and evolving horse management practices provide an opportunity to design nutritional plans based on current research and evidence-based practice optimizing your horses overall health and performance.
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