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for the care and handling of equines?

horse and owner
► Duty of Care

- Duty of Care - An Introduction

- Cost of Ownership feature

- Cost of Ownership video

- Annual horse expense sheet (excel) (pdf)

(button) Appendix_A_Template Budget for Horse Ownership

(button) Duty of Care Recommended Practices

two horses in pasture
► Facilities and Housing

- Facilities and Housing-Part 1 Infosheet

- Facilities and Housing-Part 2 Infosheet

- Stable Management Infosheet

- Mud Management Infosheet

- Pasture Management Infosheet

- Horse Farm Safety Checklist

- Fire safety checklist

(button) Facilities and Housing Recommended Practices

bucket of supplements ► Feed and Water

- Feed and Water Infosheet

- Dehydration Infosheet

- Nutrition Infosheet

- Senior horse online tool

- Colic Risk Rater online tool

- Senior Health Management Infosheet

(button) Appendix B - Sample Water Intakes

(button) Read the Code - Feed and Water

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horse, vet and owner
► Health Management

- Health Management infosheet

- Know Your Horse Health feature article

- Biosecurity online tool

- Vaccination online tool

- Lameness online tool

- Horse Health Check

- Joint health online tool

- Arthritis infosheet

- Dentistry infosheet

- Parasite infosheet

- Parasite infosheet (fecal collection)

- Pest and flies infosheet

(button) Appendix_C_Vital Signs in Horses and Donkeys

(button) Appendix_D_Body_Condition_Scoring

(button) Read the Code - Health Management

horse in the snow
► Feedlot Management

- Feedlot Management Code of Practice

(button) Read the Code - Feedlot Management

two horses nose to nose
► Husbandry Practices

- Husbandry Practices Infosheet

- Basic safety around horses infosheet

- Horse behaviour infosheet

(button) Appendix_G_Understanding Flight Zone, Point of Balance

(button) Read the Code - Husbandry Practices

three horses running free
► Reproductive Management

- Reproductive Management infosheet

- Responsible, Purposeful Breeding article

(button) Read the Code - Reproductive Management

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loading a horse on a trailer
► Transportation

- Trailer safety feature article

- Trailer safety infosheet

(button) Appendix_H_Transport Decision Tree

(button) Read the Code - Transportation

trail riding on a summers day
► Change or End of Career

- Change or End of Career Introduction

- Athletic Management 2nd Career Infosheet

- Second Careers feature article

(button) Read the Code - Change or End of Career

open pasture
► Euthanasia

-Euthanasia - An Introduction

- Planning for the final goodbye feature article

- Euthanasia Infosheet

(button) Appendix_I_Anatomical Landmarks for Euthanasia

(button) Appendix_J_Technical Guidelines for Euthanasia Methods

(button) Read the Code - Euthanasia Recommended Practices

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In partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Equine Guelph is developing an equine welfare educational initiative, "Full-Circle-Responsibility", which stands to benefit the welfare of horses in both the racing and
non-racing sectors.
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  This project is funded in part through Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.
The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of GF2 in Ontario.
Other partners include:
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Ontario Equestrian logo Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food logo   Ontario SPCA logo Standardbred Canada logo
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