Mare & Foal Care Tool

February Tool-of-the-Month

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Get prepared with this interactive tool!


ARE YOU READY? Start with “The Pregnancy Wheel”, where you’ll see how your foal will develop in real-time. Then experience our “Mare & Foal E-Learning Checklist”, an activity that gives you tips for before, during, and after pregnancy. Finally, watch our “Foaling How-To Videos” and print the “Foaling Checklist Poster” so you’re ready when it’s time to meet your new little one!
This tool is an educational resource of Equine Guelph and the University of Guelph.
Equine Guelph thanks Pfera for sponsoring the Mare & Foal Care Tool.
Click Here & Enter Your Breeding Date - The Pregmamcy Wheel - See How Your Foal Will Grow!
Mare & Foal E-Learning Checklist Foaling videos and other resources Foaling Checklist Poster (printable pdf)

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Dr. Tracey Chenier, Ontario Veterinary College, for providing and reviewing content