Horse Behaviour and Safety Program


Learn Horsemanship Through
Understanding Behaviour

Take action to create a safe environment for you and your horse

 ► Understand horse behaviour & how to speak their language

 ► Learn smart, practical horse handling skills

 ► Reduce physical risks on your horse’s farm

1) Horse Behaviour and Safety Short Course


Next Offering:

• October 2-22nd, 2017

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1. The Horse in the Wild – A Herd and Flight Animal

2. The Modern Day Horse

3. How Horses See

4. How Horses Hear

5. Herd Behaviour – How Horses Interact with Each Other

6. Horse Handling/Approaching a Horse

7. Rider/Helmet Safety

8. Trailer Loading Safety Basics

9. Safety around the Barn and Paddocks

10. Fire Safety

Cost: $95 + HST
Guest Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Gimenez, TLAER Inc.

Time Requirement:

Occurs over a 2-week period

15 – 20 hour time commitment is required during this period

No set times to be online each week

Recommended you visit the course site at least 5 times a week, preferably once or more each day

Course is entirely online, so travel to the University of Guelph is NOT required

Assessment: Assignment (not graded, but recommended for personal achievement and required for certificate of completion)
Materials: All materials are provided online within course site
Prerequisites: At least 16 years of age
Technical Requirements: Click on the System Check link or on the login page to ensure your system meets the technical requirements

More Info:

For more information please contact Susan Raymond

Phone: 519 824-4120, ext. 54230


What our students are saying:


"Isn't is odd how we often have to get 'our brains kicked in' before our brains kick in. Courses like this help us to avoid the pitfalls of horse ownership. I wish I had the opportunity to access this type of course when we started our horsemanship facility. It would have saved me a lot of grief and a lot of money. It's costly learning by your own mistakes. A $75 course could save you thousands."

- Garry Meek, Ontario, Canada, Student


"Ignorance is no longer 'bliss' when it comes to one's ownership and relationship with their equine partner. By taking Equine Guelph's e-Workshops, not only does one gain vast knowledge they may never have realized they needed it, but, also, provides a great opportunity to learn not only from the course lecturer, but experts brought into for specific subjects. Further, as it was in my case, heightened my awareness how complacent I had become about important fire safety measures in our horse-keeping facility but had never considered training ourselves and our horses to evacuate during bush fires especially loading them into a trailer [which they know very well to do]. Lastly, to learn that emergency responders, especial fire fighters receive 'ZERO' training to rescue large animals. I am now campaigning our County's emergency responders to take the TLAER course in large animal rescue."

- Gayda Errett, Ontario, Canada, Student


2) Attention Coaches and Leaders:

Host your own clinic with the Horse Behaviour and Safety Facilitator Kit

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