Hoofprints Tribute Program

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Reeva Royale


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My family purchased Reeva as a 4 year old, and she became a valued member of the Benson family immediately. Known affectionately as "Pumpkin" (due to her chestnut colouring) or simply "Reeva-Horse", she was a sweetheart - always trying her best to please her human friends. Reeva was trained as a Western Pleasure horse, but when I decided that I wanted to Event - she learned dressage and jumping and competed successfully up to Training level as an Eventer. Reeva loved to swim in the lake, long hacks in the woods and lots of cuddles, nuzzles and treats in her stall.

As Reeva began to age, her vets and her dentist always commented on what a "tough mare" she was - fighting through the trials of her aging body for her pure joy of living. At the age of 26, Reeva passed away, joining her good friend Rosie (Skipper's Rosita) over the Rainbow Bridge.

Reeva will never be forgotten - she will be remembered for her kind eyes, her courageous heart and her iron will. Until we meet again, I'll spend many hours daydreaming that we are once again running and jumping and playing together - as there is truly no greater happiness than the love of a horse.

Adrienne Benson


Unknown - Apr.26, 2012

Timmy was a cute little pony and just as kind. His rider, 4 year old Calen, was his best friend. When Timmy went into liver failure his loyal friend Calen sat with him as he slowly went to sleep patting and kissing him. Then she brushed him so he would look pretty for his new home. Calen is amazing, just like Timmy was. They were a great team.

Timmy will be missed by Calen, Brittney, and Kyle, Calen`s Mom and Dad who equally loved Timmy. We take solace knowing Timmy is now running pain free at Rainbow Bridge waiting for his family, Calen, Brittney, and Kyle.

Hoofprints in the sand


In memory of Onyx, the beautiful, gentle giant.

We miss him.

From the boarders at the barn.


unknown - 2011

In loving memory of the horse with a spirit so strong and kind that it could only be matched by his guardian angel Allie, with whom he lived his last days happily.

We know you will always watch over Allie with a love equal to what she has given you.

From all your friends

Rosalie Logan

Rosalie Logan

Equine Guelph pays tribute to Rosalie Logan.  Rosalie was a noted horsewoman in life and continued to share her love of the horse even after she passed away.  Rosalie’s family made a generous memorial contribution to Equine Guelph which made possible a new workshop, Integrative Therapies, in 2011.  This evening resulted in a full house of eager horse owners in an Ontario Veterinary College lecture hall.  Rosalie believed an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure, and Equine Guelph was pleased to facilitate this workshop and honour the memory of Rosalie. 

The Team at Equine Guelph

Honey Bun

Honey Bun
circa 1980 to 2011

In memory of our Honey, sweet to the end, who died peacefully on Saturday night June 4, 2011. Michaela and Carrie sat with her in the cozy nest of hay reflecting on the gift Honey has been in our lives. Honey shared her gentle, patient, sometimes mischievous self with us for 19 years! It is quite an adjustment to get used to her absence as she was our “Eveready Bunny” matriarch. We are so grateful that she came into our lives.

Honey is buried on the Feilders’ farm just behind the pond with a great view of hay fields and sunset. An oak tree will be planted over her grave which is sure to grow into a strong and giving tree.

From all those who knew her, especially Carrie, Michaela, Briagh and Tyler



Indy was the most amazing horse you could ever own. He was extremely gentle; he was so sweet and with him I learned to trust horses again after a very bad fall. He gave me back my confidence.

With him I felt like I could win all the ribbons and all the trophies, no matter what people said about him being half draft. He was mine, my love and I miss him so much. What hurts the most is that I didn't even get to say goodbye.

It started with a colic and it finished with an intestinal ulcer. They put him to sleep one morning and they told me he was amazing because considering how much suffering he had gone through, he had never shown it until the very end.

He will always be in my heart... I love you Indy.

Catherine Georges

Senors Joker Chip and Sorpresa De Lambpaso

Senors Joker Chip
1986 – 2009

Sorpresa De Lambpaso
1988 – 2009

I’ll Miss...

My sweet little mare, I’ll miss your soft nicker,
My honest old man, I’ll miss the confidence we shared.
I open the stable, And call out your names,
My heart shrivels up ‘cause you are not there.
I’ll miss dainty Sorpresa; of you I was so fond,
With trust and respect, We shared a real bond.
Joker, I’ll miss leaning on your shoulder, When I’m feeling down
I’ll miss watching you gallop, And acting the clown.
When grooming smooth, silky coats, I’ll miss your funny faces,
‘Cause I find and I scratch, Those hard to reach places.
When you’re looking for treats, I’ll miss velvety muzzles,
And you checking me out with inquisitive nuzzles.
The Lord knows I need you and he’ll keep you in clover,
So I can be with you when my time here is over.
So wait for me Stormy, Smokey, Star and my Pals,
Have patience old Joker, Sorpresa as well.
Just munch on your timothy, and snack on your grain,
We’ll all be together again, Then…
We’ll jog and we’ll trot and we’ll corto,
Down happy trails again

Linda Atkinson


1967 – 1994

Somewhere in time's own space There must be some sweet pastured place Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow.
Some paradise where horses go.

~Stanley Harrison

Tony was that once-in-a lifetime horse for me. He was a Morab stallion, and I spoiled him terribly, because he was so gentle it didn’t matter. He had been raised and trained right, and he loved people and trusted them to take care of him --- and he took care of people, too.

I was his favorite person, though, and when we were together, life was perfect for both of us. A stable owner once told me that Tony’s whinny was different when I was with him, and I knew what she meant. I’d heard him whinny when he didn’t know I was around, and it was just a whinny. When I was with him, though, his whinny said “My person is here, and we’re ready to take on the world!”

We were two halves of a whole, and no other horse will ever fill the void he left in my heart when he died. I still miss him so very, very much. I love you, Tony. You will always be in my thoughts. You were such a special horse.

Wendy Koch


1950 – 1978

The horse through all its trials has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood.
~Johannes Jensen

Sometimes, someone says something about your horse that sticks in your mind, because it is so true. A groom once called Triste the most “dutiful” horse he’d ever seen, and he was right on the money. She had a hard life before I bought her, so she didn’t like people much, but I was her special friend. Other people couldn’t catch her even in her stall --- even with treats --- but for me, she came whenever I called her.

I never quite got her over being nervous when she was being ridden, so she was often on the verge of running away, but she tried very hard to do whatever I asked of her. She was my first horse and my first pet horse, and I loved her dearly. She worked very hard for most of her life, and she deserved better than the harsh treatment she’d clearly endured, but now she is finally resting in peace. I love you, Triste.

Wendy Koch

Pal's Beau Jacque

Pal's Beau Jacque
1973 - 2009

"Think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched... for nothing loved is ever lost - and he was loved so much."
E. Brenneman

He was an A.Q.H.A. Superior Trail Horse who earned a total of 237 American Quarter Horse Association points in multiple performance and halter events during his show career. 'Jacque' retired in 1989 and had a wonderful 20 years of retirement. He brought out the best in everyone and had many friends.

Mere words cannot convey how special he was, and with how much heart he approached everything. In 2004 at age 30, Jacque had eye surgery at the University of Guelph. Thanks to everyone there, and the wonderful care he received, we had an extra 5-1/2 wonderful years together.

Jacque was proudly owned, and will always be cherished and sadly missed.

Heather Heighes


1978 - 2008

'Jesse' was a spunky 29-1/2 years young TB with a huge heart full of love that he shared with me. I had to say goodbye to him on June 26th of this year when he developed tumours in his jaw. I would like to honour his memory.

Janice Rodgers

Pokey Sweet Clover

Pokey Sweet Clover
1975 – 2003

Clover was a sweetheart. He loved to give kisses. He would wiggle his nose on your cheek and if you turned around he would massage the back of your neck. It felt wonderful!!! Clover was a sensible horse and he always brought me back to the barn safe and sound. He holds a special place in my heart and I sorely miss him.

Joanne Ott


1978 – 2009

I know how much you miss me.  
Don't cry for me...My spirit is near.
I'm watching over you from the other side.
I'm running with new friends by my side and waiting for you.
Smile at my memory and remember in your heart.

Sandy Warmington